Vailed Christ


Veiled Christ at Cappella Sansevero is incredible depiction of translucent veils carved from marble stone, most remarkable artistic achievement by  Giuseppe Sanmartino.

The Feast of San Gennaro, the patron saint and protector of the city of Naples, is celebrated every year on September 19 and the congealed blood of St Gennaro miraculously liquefies during the ceremony.
Naples Cathedral

ナポリ大聖堂は、歴史地区にあります。 9月の19日は、ナポリの守護聖人である聖ヤヌアリウスの為の祝日で、ナポリ大聖堂には、ナポリ市長、ナポリ県知事、カンパーニャ州知事を始め、市の全職員が集まります。


On the Feast of San Gennaro, 19th September, all city officials attend the ceremony, including the mayor, the president of the province of Naples and the President of the Campania region.

The celebration follows a well-defined program: 



8.45 – サンジェナーロの血液を保管している聖遺物箱を取り出すために、ダブルキーで金庫を開けます。

9.00 -枢機卿とサンジェナーロの”宝の礼拝堂”の代理人が行列で進みます。

9.15 – 枢機卿による贖罪の祈りと説 教が開始されます。

Program schedule

  • 8.45 – opening the safe with double keys to take out the casket with the vials of the blood of San Gennaro;
  • 9.00 – procession with the Cardinal and the deputation of the Chapel of the Treasure of San Gennaro;
  • 9.15 – The propitiatory prayers and the homily by the Cardinal start.

Once the miracle takes place, twenty-one cannon shots are fired from Castel dell’Ovo.


During this feast day, the vials are exposed to the public and the blood contained in them becomes liquid among the prayers of the faithful. A quick liquefaction is considered a sign of good luck while its delay or failure are taken as negative omens. The event is also replicated on December 16 and the first Sunday in May.


The Feast of Saint Januarius is a public holiday in Naples so many businesses and public offices are closed.

聖ヤヌアリウス (Saint Januarius) または聖ジェナーロ (San Gennaro) は、ディオクレティアヌス帝による迫害が行われていた、西暦305年に殉教しました。  ナポリ北東部のベネヴェントで生まれ、15歳で教区の神父となり、20歳にしてナポリの司教に任命された彼は、ローマの監獄にいるキリスト教徒の仲間を訪ねて捕えられ投獄処刑されたといわれています。

St Januarius, or San Gennaro, was martyred during the persecutions of Diocletian around 305 CE.

It is believed that Januarius was born in Benevento, northeast of Naples, in the 3rd century CE. He became the local priest of his parish at 15, and then was appointed as the Bishop of Naples at 20. St Januarius is believed to have died while visiting Christians imprisoned in Rome.