Cilento coast  


In Italy, there is too much to choose the destination, specially in South Italy, wonderful coast with fabulous panorama & deep blue sea conquering illustrious figures such as Wagner, Ernest Hemingway those who were inspired to write their famous works.


ここは、オデュッセイの船乗りたちの海であり、自らも岩になってしまった伝説のサイレンの海。 アーネスト・ヘミングウェイは、ここをよく訪れ、釣りをしたり、自分の船でのんびりくつろいでおり、彼の作品「老人と海」のインスピレーションはここで得られました。


This is the sea of the sailors of the Odysseys and of the Siren who transformed herself into the rocks. Ernest Hemingway used to come here to fish and to sprawl out in his boat. He was inspired to write his “Old man and the Sea”.

Also R. Wagner had inspiration for “Parsifal” by beautiful scenery of this land.




Sailing by boat along the coast of Capo Palinuro, visit the Grotta Azzurra (Blue Cave), one of the most beautiful sea cave of Europe.

This cave differs from other famous Blue Cave in Capri which is more well-known for Japanese. But it is easier to go into this cave of Palinuro with wider entrance than the other in Capri to which boat service is frequently interrupted due to tidal waves and narrow cave mouth.