Miracle – Amalfi





アマルフィへは、ナポリから美しい海岸沿いを走るバスがありますが、狭い道幅と急カーブの多い道なので渋滞もあり、乗り物酔いを避けたいのであれば、近くの町まで列車で移動がお勧めです。 Salerno サレルノからアマルフィへはバスかタクシーで移動、15マイル(約24㎞) 、















The patron Saint of Amalfi is Saint Andrew whose relics, it is said, were brought to Amalfi in 1206 from Constantinople shortly after the completion of the town’s cathedral. It is dedicated to Saint Andrew and contains a tomb in the crypt which, if you believe it, still holds a portion of the relics of the apostle.  During Mass on holy days, Saint Andrew’s relics are said to exude a liquid called ‘St. Andrew’s Manna’ and people are anointed with the liquid, and many believe it to have miraculous qualities.